Frequently asked questions...

Q. What brands of make-up do you use?

A. Only the best! Long lasting, professional, photographic, quality, luxurious products from the following brands; NARS, Charlotte Tilbury, M.A.C, Bobbi Brown, Hourglass, Marc Jacobs, Tom Ford, Daniel Sandler, Estee Lauder, Clinique, and more.

Q. Are trials compulsory?

A. For the bride YES! By having a bridal consultation and trial you can feel confident in how you will look & feel on your wedding day. With the stress of such high expectations that weddings bring the last thing you want to worry about is how you are going to look! More importantly the trial ensures you suffer no allergic reactions following any of the products I use (this is not something you want to find out on your wedding day!). It's also a lot of fun! Enjoy the run up to your wedding and all that it brings, a little bit of pampering will be welcomed during such an overwhelming and busy time!

Q. Do you offer consultations and trials during evenings and weekends?

A. Only in extreme circumstances will a trial appointment be offered during evenings and weekends. With young children and a husband who works all week evenings are precious. The sheer volume of weddings at the weekends means that a rare weekend day/afternoon off is cherished for family time. Trial appointments can be arranged as early as you would like to ensure we can find an appointment that conveniently fits into your schedule.

Q. Will you travel to me for my bridal trial?

A. All bridal trials are held at Charlotte's home in Seend, Wiltshire. However, under special circumstances Charlotte may be able travel to you. This will however incur additional charges depending on the distance and time of trial.

Q. Should I wash my hair the night before?

A. With the products nowadays this is not necessary. If you feel happier washing your hair on the morning of your wedding/special event then please do! The most important thing is that you feel fresh, beautiful and ready for the day ahead, so you do what you need to do and I'll take care of the rest. Of course if you have any specific concerns we can discuss the best option before hand.